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Marine Maroc has offered to its customers specialized services of transportation and packing of the works of art since 2005.

We are the first transporter of art in the Moroccan market and the quality of our services is recognized worldwide thanks to our network that serves more than 120 countries.


Quality, Professionalism and controlling the state of the Works of art are the strengths of our transportation.


Marine Maroc manages the logistics of all movement of works of art and offers a full range of services that requires this logistics:


Handling: no object of art is displaced without its state conservation has been determined and a condition report of is established if necessary. Our teams of packers and professional handlers then resort to the techniques of handling and lifting that are the most suitable to the weight and to the volume of the works of art in order to move then to pack them.


Packing: Our specialists are able to anticipate the damages caused by any type of displacement and to select the type of packing that is convenient to privilege respecting the museums’ standards, the insurance companies and the rules of art. We also guarantee the unpacking and the setting up of the works of art with the same care.


Transportation: we assure the transportation on an international and national scale by sea, truck and air freight.

Art fairs and exhibitions: it is our responsibility to provide appropriate logistical support to such events and have the ability to propose global solutions for the international art fairs.


Transit, customs formalities and storage: being also a forwarding agent business, we, ourselves, assure with an optimum efficiency the transit and the customs formalities of your works of art safely in our warehouse under customs. We also have important storage capacities in our secured storehouses of Roches Noires.

































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