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Marine Maroc possess great know-how in the field of the traditional furniture storage.

Whether it is about personal assets or works of art, Marine Maroc guarantees a quality service.

Marine Maroc has a warehouse of 2000 m2 dedicated to store furniture instead of its headquarters in Aïn Sebaa, Casablanca.

Its storehouses are equipped with individual wooden containers (of 4 to 10 m3) well-ventilated to fight humidity and disinfected.

All objects are wrapped at home and stored in these closed and numbered individual cases.

A detailed inventory is made for every case.

The storehouses of furniture storage are highly secured and guarded 24hrs by an external security service. They are equipped with fire detectors.

The storage time is unlimited and it may vary according to the customer's needs, from a few months to several years.

The price of furnisher storage is given by cubic meter per month.

It is according to the quantity of goods stored.

This quantity determines the costs of entry and exit of the furniture storage.

The price of the insurance itself depends on the value of the goods added.

The quotations are entirely free and Marine Maroc encourages their request briskly.

Marine Maroc practices stowage of the goods in the vehicle suitable to the maritime transportation.

Being strong, thanks to more than 38 years’ experience in Morocco in the domain of the maritime transportation, “Marine Maroc" possesses great expertise in the field of transporting the automotive vehicles in containers.

Putting the vehicle into the container is a logistical operation that takes place either at the residence of the vehicle’s owner or at Marine Maroc headquarters. The place of loading is a matter of choice granted to the owner of the vehicle.

 A descriptive form of the state of the vehicle, including the list of the car accessories, is filled out first and is co-signed by the owner of the vehicle and MM.

Verification is made so that the level of fuel is minimum.

With the help of a lifting platform, the vehicle is placed perfectly inside the container according to its longitudinal axis at an equal distance from the bottom to the door of the container. The battery is disconnected then. The vehicle keys are placed in the glove box.

Wooden blocks of 25 cm high are nailed on the floor of the container from the front and rear of every wheel.

Nylon straps joining the rings on tow of the front and rear of the vehicle to the lateral partitions of the container are then stretched in opposition.

It is his device which is made by placing 8 restrained blocks and 4 stretched nylon straps in conformity with the international standards that will keep the vehicle stable and immobile and will give to its transportation in the container the optimum security that characterizes Marine Maroc.


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