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Our expatriation service is externalized and has as a main objective to help the collaborators in mobility, their enterprises and their families and to make their experience a success from both professional and personal perspective.


Why call Marine Maroc Removals?


  • To optimize the costs, a return on immediate investment if one takes into account the set of costs (direct and indirect) bound to the period of the installation of the collaborator.
  • To make the collaborator in mobility save the time. We are here to help you optimize your time and to help you feel good in Morocco within a minimum time.
  • To the enterprise. We take responsibility for a certain number of formalities bound to the arrival of your collaborators in Morocco so that your teams concentrate on the essentials to know, their work and their families.
  • To reassure and make the life of the collaborator and his/her family while managing the set of the problematic and constraints that can stand on his/her way of expatriation in Morocco. We are here above all to decrease the stress level and the worries of the expatriates and also those of their families.
  • To accelerate the integration in the new sociocultural environment. With our dedicated team, we propose suitable training sessions or seminaries to make your collaborators know and understand the fundamentals of the Moroccan society.
  • Help to the installation.
  • Discovery and location of the host city.
  • Research of lodging / offices.
  • Assistance with administrative formalities.
  • Assistance on departure.
  • Aid at the integration.
  • Assistance "First Steps" (services).
  • Personalized escort and advice.
  • Everyday assistance / concierge.


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